Office 365

Let us help you migrate your existing email solution to Microsoft Office 365 for enhanced productivity, mobile device sync and security features. You can even subscribe to Microsoft’s productivity suite so everyone in your organization is running the latest version of MS Office.

Antivirus Solutions

Using our centrally Managed Antivirus solutions we can ensure that each machine is protected and updated with the latest virus definitions every four hours. If a problem is detected we are alerted and can remotely take action without any user interruptions.

We also have solutions that scan e-mails before they are sent to your mail servers to give you better protection against Viruses being sent in e-mails. This can be used in conjunction with our Email Spam Protection solution to give your e-mail servers maximum protection.

Email Protection

Inbound and outbound spam filtering

Robust, highly accurate and adaptive spam detection improves productivity by blocking junk email, including emerging new spam variants.  The service also prevents inappropriate messages from being sent from a customer’s network — protecting the company’s reputation, improving overall email deliverability, and alerting administrators as to the presence of any compromised systems.

Web Content Filtering

Staff using your Internet facility for time-wasteful activities is costing you. Even more importantly these activities can put your businesses computers and network at risk. A recent survey of 10,000 employees indicated that 44% admitted to spending time on the Internet for personal use, for up to 2.1 hours per day.

Asset and License Management

Each workstation across your sites will have a small agent installed, which provides details of the workstation and details of the software that is installed. This agent can be upgraded to provide 24×7 pro-active monitoring that is configured to alert us if any problems arise through our Managed Services.

You can rest easy when you put your IT support needs in our hands.  Call us today at 952.442.4005 – we can help!


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